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Rules, Terms and Conditions

General rules

LondonFurs meets and events are essentially a private party in a private venue, but open to all furries and their guests, not the general public.

Whilst we wish these events to be managed as loosely as possible, a few rules and regulations are required in order to safeguard the future of the events, the safety of the attendees, the reputations of all concerned and to satisfy all relevant legal obligations. By attending a LondonFurs event you are agreeing to abide by all the requirements set out here and the follow the guidance meted out by nominated staff members, either LondonFur staff or venue staff.

LondonFurs staff may be identified by red and white 'staff' badges.

In all cases, the following shall apply:

  • LondonFurs events minimum attendance age is strictly 16+ including those accompanied by other adults.
  • ID may be checked on demand for age verification by LondonFurs or venue security staff at any time. Failure to present may result in ejection.
  • No-one under the age of 18 is to purchase or consume alcohol.
  • No-one is to knowingly purchase alcohol for someone under the age of 18. This will result in an instant, permanent ban.
  • Alcohol not purchased at the venue is not to be consumed at the meet. This will result in an instant, permanent ban.
  • Food and soft drinks not purchased on-site are strictly forbidden (excluding bottled water). Ignoring this may result in a three meet ban.
  • Drink responsibly. Know your limits!
  • The possession, use or sale of illicit substances is expressly forbidden and we will notify the Police accordingly.
  • Please do not behave indecently or in a manner that could be in contravention to the Public Order Act.
  • No fetish wear. Collars may be worn discreetly but *please* no leashes, harnesses, or other BDSM related equipment.
  • LondonFurs events are not a place for political activism or antagonism. Please leave your political paraphernalia at home.
  • Under no circumstances are you to display the symbols, signature clothing or uniforms of unconstitutional organisations or hate groups.
  • Unauthorised commercial photography at any LondonFurs parties or events is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not bring weapons, or items that could reasonably be construed as a weapon, onto the premises. Prop weapons must be identifiable as such (eg: brightly coloured).
  • Personal music players/speakers must be kept at a reasonable volume that does not affect other attendee's enjoyment of the event.
  • You are to adhere to all relevant legal regulations, venue rules, and the requests of the bar staff.
  • The fursuit changing area is for fursuiters and their handlers only. Unrelated attendees will be asked to leave the area. No food or drink except bottled water is permitted in this area and strictly no photography.
  • Do not touch other people's property (especially fursuits) without permission in the fursuit changing area.
  • The meet area includes any area being used by attendees for socialising and meeting other attendees in the venue area.
  • LondonFurs reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason at any time to our meets and events.

By attending our events you are automatically stating your full and complete acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Note: Age limit is strictly 18+ for the LondonFurs bi-annual parties (Summer Weekender and Winter Party).

We hope that everyone attending our events has a good time and enjoys themselves! Feel free to approach a member of LondonFurs staff at any time during the event about any issues are queries you may have.

If someone's behaviour is upsetting or offending to you then please make this known to said person. If they do not cease and desist, make the issue known immediately to a member of LondonFurs staff who will handle the matter. Please do this as soon as possible as it is impossible for us to deal with these complaints retroactively.

Reporting antisocial or illegal behaviour at our meets

  • We will not tolerate any threats of violence or aggression at our meets. If a threat has been made towards you directly in respect to our meets, the first port of call should be towards the police and secondly towards us (with any relevant evidence).
  • Not everyone will get along - as much as we strive for this to happen - people will always have differing views or have negative relationships outside of our meets. We will not be drawn into personal drama or accusations.
  • If you feel another attendee is involved in something illegal, we would advise you to report it to the police and not to us. We are a private event.
  • If two or more parties of people can't resolve their issues outside of the meet and continue to drain our resources, we will ban all parties involved with a view of being able to focus on making our meets better for those who can.
  • On the extremely rare occasion we decide to ban someone based on behavior external to the meet, it will be a group decision of the committee and this will never be “pressure lead”.
  • Harassment of our volunteers and staff will never be tolerated, we are all volunteers for our community.

Fursuiter & Fursuit Walk Code of Conduct

For All Fursuit Walk Participants

While taking part, you are in public even more than at the venue. You are de-facto ambassadors for LondonFurs, the public face of the community. Your actions and conduct on a fursuit walk is even more important than your conduct in the venue.


LondonFurs fursuiting events are strictly family friendly - the walk route goes through one of London's busiest areas where you can expect to interact with people of all age groups. Please make sure your suit is family friendly.

In keeping with the above point, no overt bondage equipment is to be worn or used by fursuiters in either the venue or on a walk - collars are acceptable, but anything else is not.

Please make sure you, and your suit, are clean. Fursuiting is a sweaty business, so please take appropriate precautions to keep your suit, and yourself, presentable.

The organisers will announce on the day when a fursuit walk will be commencing. It is the responsibility of you as a fursuiter to ensure you are suited in time.

You are responsible for your own comfort and safety. If you need water on the walk, a handler, etc then please take steps to arrange this. This is not the duty of LondonFurs Staff nor any attendees.

If you are with the group, you must stay between the front and back of the group, as indicated by staff members. Do not walk off on your own.

Always follow instructions from staff members in relation to potential safety hazards.

Non-Fursuiters on Fursuit Walk

Be aware you're walking with people with limited senses when in suit. Be considerate.

You are even more public than the fursuiters. The public will always remember the funny side of animal costumes but they won't when it comes to large groups of loud people.

Keep the running about, screaming, shouting, swearing and general rowdy behaviour to a minimum. You're not a football crowd.

Artist and Artists' Corner

  • All artwork of an adult nature must be kept in an opaque folder and not displayed openly at LondonFurs events.
  • Event attendees can be under the age of 18 and should not be viewing this material, as well as others - including non-furry bar staff - who do not wish to see this material.
  • This is by no means a ban on people bringing adult art, just a ban on its public display. However, please refrain from drawing anything in public which falls into the predefined adult bracket.
  • Please contact the LondonFurs staff if you require clarification on any of the above.


Please behave responsibly.

Use common sense.

Have fun!