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♿️ Accessibility

Furries come in all different shapes, sizes and also, abilities. Here is some information for our attendees that may need some guidance about what to expect at our meets and venues.

Staff members

  • LondonFurs staff members are always present during meets and events.
  • Staff members can be identified by their LondonFurs lanyards, with STAFF printed on them. They also carry red staff badges with their character name printed on.
  • If you need assistance at any point during your visit, do not hesitate to make yourself aware to our staff members.
  • Unfortunately, none of our staff members are able to communicate in BSL.
  • If you have specific physical access requirements, especially for fursuit changing, please contact us before the meet date.

Tank & Paddle Venue

  • The venue itself is located slightly lower than street level, when approaching from Mincing Lane. It has stairs and ramps that lead down toward the entrance, with handrails available.
  • Inside, the venue is entirely on a single level, and has a single slope from the entry.
  • A raised section is near the entrance, which has steps leading up, but no ramps.
  • An accessible toilet is available near the front of the venue.
  • Around the bar areas, things can get a bit crowded, especially at busy times, during happy hour.
  • Fursuit changing area is provided at the rear of the venue, during regular meets. If you require assistance with this during your visit, please speak to a member of staff on the day.
  • We play music during the entire meet, over the venue's speaker system. It is aimed to be kept at a reasonable volume.
  • Dietary and allergy information is provided on the venue's website.
  • If you have specific questions around the venue, contact them directly via email.

Boat Party

  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of how the boat parties tend to run, we are not able to make this event fully accessible.
  • In future, we hope to make events such as these available to everyone, regardless of ability.
  • The boat party takes place on a moving boat that travels up and down the Thames.
  • The boat has steep stairs, and bars on multiple levels. It is not wheelchair accessible.
  • It also gets very busy, and there is limited space to move around.
  • We have live DJs, and the boat onboard sound system is very loud. It may reach +100dB, and features strong bass.

Summer and Winter Parties

  • For parties that take place at the Tank & Paddle, the same accessibility information applies as above.
  • In addition, we have live DJs in the evening from around 9pm until close. This is usually fairly loud.
  • We may use various lighting effects, such as strobes, fluorescent, or bright LEDs.
  • Parties tend to be incredibly popular, more so than our regular meets. Expect hundreds of people to be present.
  • We expect attendees to moderate their intake and make sure they are properly hydrated at all times. Water is provided in fursuit changing areas and at the bar, on request.