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Fursuiting guide

If you're new to fursuiting, or fursuiting at LondonFurs, we recommend reading this guide.

The Fursuit Walk

Distance and length: The walk is 0.6 miles (about 15 mins of walking) with a 30 min break in a park in the middle.

Fursuit behaviour: Our walk is in a public area so please keep all costumes and behaviour family friendly. Interaction with people is encouraged but do not disturb people if they show no interest.

Map showing walking route

Staying Safe in Your Fursuit

Dangers of overheating and overexerting: Full body suiters have a higher risk of overheating. It is advised people new to suiting try partialling first rather than full-suiting. If you feel unwell, let someone know as soon as possible, de-suit and cool down.

Fursuit handling: If possible, it is advised that you have someone with you out of suit that knows you and can assist if you have a loss of visibility or feel unwell.

Fursuiting clothing and hygiene: Fursuiters should wear heat resistant clothing underneath their costumes to help prevent overheating. It is also a good idea to bring a change of clothes for after performing.

Fursuit Changing Area

Fursuit changing area etiquette: The fursuit changing area is a busy shared space where people will be getting changed, hanging up their fursuits or packing their bags. Do not use other people's stuff without their permission and avoid touching their belongings. Only use the fursuit changing area for getting changed and do not block exits and fire escapes with bags. All possessions are left here at owners' discretion. Anyone caught in the fursuit changing area that isn't changing will be asked to leave.

Food and drinks: Please don't bring any food or things that could be spilled into the changing area (this includes anything bought at the bar). A water station is provided: please consume the water provided in this area only.

Map of the fursuit changing area at the venue

Persistent offenders of the above: We don't want to have to enforce bans or restrictions on people, however, if any of the above rules or advice is ignored by individuals, we will assess the risk of the performer against themselves and others.

Additional Information

Fursuit behaviour and interaction

By participating in the LondonFurs fursuit walk, you will be the most publicly visible attendees and should consider yourselves ambassadors for the community. We hope you behave in a manner which does not cause discomfort or distress to members of the public, disrupt any public services or infrastructure or impede the organisation and running of the event itself.

Keep all interactions family friendly, whether between yourself and a member of the public or with another attendee - basically, act as if your mum was watching.

When approaching members of the public, be aware that not everyone you encounter will find animal costumes fun or charming and some people may want to be left alone. It is important you respect this and do not approach or attempt to interact with someone who is clearly not comfortable around you.

As stated in the general rules, fetish gear should not be worn whether or not you are suiting. Whilst such items are often worn for non-sexual reasons, the association with sex will undoubtedly be made by the average person who encounters them. Save it for your Twitter account.


If joining the fursuiters during the Fursuit Walk, you must adhere to the same rules regarding interaction and public behaviour. Keep loud, rowdy behaviour to a minimum and respect the public who we are sharing the space with.

Be aware that fursuiters have limited visibility and may be unaware of you. Try not to approach from out of view and make yourself known if you are.

Physical contact such as hugging, touching paws and gentle nose boops are acceptable, but you must ensure that the individual fursuiter is okay with it. Spontaneously throwing yourself at a fursuiter without warning can easily cause distress, especially if they are unable to see you.

Do not grab or pull on parts of people's costumes such as ears, tails, etc. Aside from being rude and potentially causing distress, this is liable to cause damage to fragile parts and can result in expensive repairs.

Details about our walk

The Fursuit Walk is 0.6 miles in total with around 15 minutes of walking to and from the destination (Trinity Square Gardens). The total length of the walk ranges from 40 to 60 minutes depending on the weather and other factors.

Once the destination has been reached, fursuiters and other attendees are allowed to wander freely around the grassy area as well as make use of the shaded area and benches to rest and de-head if needed. Attendees are requested to stick to the open grassy area and keep off the plant beds.

Do not enter the war memorial area or climb on any of the walls or fences.

Remember it is a public garden and setting!

Personal well-being

It is advised that, if possible, you have a handler with you when leaving the venue in costume. This is someone who is not in costume that can assist you if a problem occurs.

You are responsible for your own comfort and safety and must ensure you have water and a handler if needed - this is not the duty of the staff. We strongly advise bringing a bottle of water, especially when the weather is warm.

Overheating in costume is a common issue and can have very serious consequences. It is crucially important for a fursuiter to know their limits, take breaks when needed and to not overexert themselves.

If you are new to fursuiting, it is strongly advised you wear a partial costume (head, paws, tail) without a bodysuit to begin with and get to know things such as visibility, restricted breathing and how well you are able to cope with exertion and temperature before attempting to wear a bodysuit whilst costuming.

Fursuiters wearing full body costumes (full suits have a higher risk of overheating and should wear heat reducing clothing beneath their bodysuit to help prevent overheating. They are also advised to bring a change of clothes to wear afterwards.

What to do if you feel unwell

If you feel dizzy or unwell during fursuiting, you must remove your costume's head and any other parts you are able to without assistance, alert your handler (if any), and a member of staff on the walk. If you are without a handler or unable to find a team member, alert the nearest attendee and ask for help.

Fursuit changing area

The fursuit changing area is for the exclusive use of fursuiters while changing in and out of costume and those who are actively assisting them. It is not to be used as a social space and attendees who are not fursuiting must not enter this area unless they are assisting a fursuiter.

The changing area is a shared space and people will leave their fursuits and other possessions such as mats, towels and fans out on the hangers and tables. Do not touch or use other people's belongings without their permission, and try to avoid moving other people's possessions.

Be considerate of other people who use the changing area. Whilst changing or assisting a fursuiter, try to keep the space as clear as possible and do not leave items or bags in the middle of the floor or where they may obstruct pathways and exits.

Give other people space and do not overcrowd the changing area. If the space is particularly busy, wait outside until there is room for you to get changed without infringing other people's personal space.

Do not bring food, drinks or any items which could cause damage if spilled into the fursuit changing area. This includes paints, glue, nail varnish and other cosmetic products.

Leaving used paper towels or other forms of litter in the fursuit changing area is both inconsiderate and unacceptable. Pick up after yourself or do not use the changing area.

If you are found to be loitering in the changing area, you will be asked to leave the area. Further instances will result in disciplinary action.