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LondonFurs is all over the various social media platforms, so join us on our official communities. Where we control them, all our communities are also bound to our terms and conditions.

Join us on our Telegram group, with over 700 likeminded furries. The group is moderated by LondonFurs staff.

By joining the group, you agree to the rules below:

  • You must be 16 years old or older to join our group.
  • The LondonFurs Telegram group is rated Safe For Work (SFW).
  • Do not post any inappropriate or adult images, gifs, stickers, or links, etc.
  • Avatar icons must be SFW and free from any fetish wear, gore, or any other NSFW content.
  • Do not post content that incites or glorifies violence. This includes, not necessarily limited to, posting images of actual weaponry.
  • Do not spam, troll or attempt to disrupt the chat.
  • Advertising is prohibited unless permission has been granted by staff.
  • The chat is a supergroup with several admins. Content may be removed without warning.
  • Personal attacks against members of the chat, community or staff will not be tolerated.
  • Admin decisions are final.
  • Any infraction or violation of our rules will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

On requesting to join, you will be placed in a holding group.
This allows the moderators check to see if you will adhere to the rules!

Our Discord server is where we host our virtual events, play games, and where Minecraft is discussed in length.

By joining the server, you agree to the rules listed below.
The server will ask you to confirm on joining.

  • You must be 16 years old or older to join our server.
  • The text and media channels of this server are rated Safe For Work (SFW).
  • NSFW profile pictures or emojis are not permitted.
  • Please try to keep media such as photos or art to the relevant media channels.
  • Please do not advertise streams, podcasts, YouTube channels or mixtapes without staff approval.
  • Advertising art commissions within #creative is okay, providing no NSFW imagery is shown as part of the post.
  • Voice channels may be unmoderated from time-to-time. Discretion is advised.
  • Posting media related to the conversation within the correct voice-text channel is fine, providing it is SFW.
  • Please do not "Mic spam".
  • All staff decisions are final.
  • Extreme breaches of our rules while using this server, may result in a ban from other channels and also the in-person meets.

We’ve been on Twitter for a very long time (since 2010)!

We post announcements and things that the community as a whole might enjoy. If we’re having a live event, we’ll typically shove a few things on Twitter as a bonus.

Our Facebook community is focussed on discussions related to LondonFurs and its events.

By joining us on Facebook, you must adhere to the rules of the community. Whilst it is a discussion group, please refrain from treating this group as your personal blogging platform for updates.

Posts containing advertising or dubious content not related to LondonFurs or its community will be removed.

For more details, please see the group’s about page.

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