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New website!

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We are pleased to announce a new, fresh website for LondonFurs, containing all the useful information that you need to know about our meets and events!

Going forward, we have a stable environment to expand in, with a fully responsive design (that's mobile, tablet and desktop!), allowing us to produce new features and highlight great content that our community creates.

Check out the new meets listings, comprehensive listings of our online communities, and the FAQ for all those questions everyone tends to have.

And... sorry it took ages to put together -- this wolf is very, very, busy.

What's next? Well, a few things in the pipeline. We'd quite like to provide a central point to highlight photographers, suiters and characters that attend our meets and events. Stuff more media related may happen. Some stuff game related may also happen. Who knows?

Of course, any suggestions yourself, drop us a message and we'll file it in the bin consider it in due course.

Love, The LondonFurs Team

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