Welcome back meet

Please read these instructions carefully and ensure you understand what you need to do before attending.

Last updated: 14 April 2022

NHS App & Double Vaccination paws

To enter into the venue, you MUST provide proof of a negative COVID test, taken on the same day as the meet's advertised start time. You will be refused entry without it, so make sure you have it ready to go before you depart.

Since the UK Government is no longer offering COVID testing for the masses (🙄), please read the following instructions about how to provide negative test proof.

In order to prove that you have tested negative for COVID, you must either:

  • Use an official NHS testing kit on the day, self-report via the UK Government result website and provide the appropriate negative text/email proof on the door

  • Use a private lateral flow testing kit, take a photo of your negative test with our COVID proof web page visible in the background

If you are using photographic proof, you must make sure that:

  • Our COVID proof web page is clearly visible in the same photo
  • Your lateral flow test shows a negative result
  • The photo is not grainy or blurry
  • You bring your phone with the photo on it to be presented at the door

Door security will check your photo and ID at the door.

You can obtain a private testing kit from any pharmacy, as well as many supermarkets.

We’re also advising the following:

Face mask, sanitiser, Samson unwell

On the day:

Travelling to the event: If using public transportation please wear a face covering, minimise contact with others where possible, and sanitise your paws!

Do not attend if you feel unwell: This includes symptoms outside of what is currently associated with COVID - best stay at home if in doubt.

Check-in on arrival: When you arrive, please head straight to the bar entrance to check in.

Driving licence, NHS App and paws

Getting in:

Free entry and you must be over 16: Everyone must bring ID with you as it will be checked! This includes if you are well over 16!

Proof of a negative test required: See above for details!

Get vaccinated if you can: We’re strongly encouraging everyone who can to get vaccinated to protect themselves and other attendees. Please arrive out of fursuit so the above can be checked.

Samson keeping 2 metres apart with a beer

During the event:

Be conscious of others: There will be people who may want to maintain social distancing so please ask before hugging or getting too close.

Wear a mask (unless exempt): We request you wear a face covering inside when not drinking/eating or sitting at a table. Avoid sharing drinks or food unless with people from your household.

Alcohol: consider the amount of alcohol you consume!

We want meets to continue tri-weekly, so make sure you stay safe on your journeys home and that you check in on friends and family.

If you have any questions, please feel free to see our FAQs below or contact us directly.

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